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    "Sally watches her daughter and worries.
    She knows what happens when you bottle up your sorrow, she knows what she’s done to herself, the walls she’s built, the tower she’s made, stone by stone.
    But they’re walls of grief, and the tower is drenched in a thousand tears, and that’s no protection; it will all fall to the ground with one touch.

    [Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic]

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    The short story of a boy and the girl of his dreams 

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    Depeche Mode - Sister of Night (Barcelona 2010)

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    Oskar Kokoschka - Schlafende Frau (Sleeping Woman)

    Oskar Kokoschka - Schlafende Frau (Sleeping Woman)

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    Howl's Moving Castle (2004)

    • Old Sophie: A battleship?
    • Howl: On its way to burn cities and people.
    • Old Sophie: The enemy's? Ours?
    • Howl: What difference does it make?
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    20,000 Days on Earth: watch the trailer for the film that chases the myth of Nick Cave
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    Stingray City
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    Colour O’Clock
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    David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto - Forbidden Colours

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    Memories of Matsuko vs. Doctor Who: Doomsday

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    Manchester Legends - Steven, Ian, Noel and Guy enjoy a cuppa