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    "It is not about conquest or forced capture.
    It is not about glands or instincts or the split-second shiver and clench of leaving yourself; nor about love or about whose love you deep-down desire, by whom you feel betrayed.
    Not and never love, which kills what needs it.

    [Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace]

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    Fargo, 2014

    Fargo, 2014

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    Traversing through the tea fields of Wazuka
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    Deftones - The Chauffeur

    [Originally by Duran Duran]

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    And when you slamDown the hammerCan you see it in your heart?

    And when you slam
    Down the hammer
    Can you see it in your heart?

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    Tristan Eaton ”I Was a Botox Junkie”, Downtown Los Angeles Arts District (viewAt)

    Tristan Eaton ”I Was a Botox Junkie”, Downtown Los Angeles Arts District (viewAt)

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    Buitoni, 1950
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    Everything but the Girl ~ Native Land (feat. Johnny Marr)

    Heaven is a place I’ve heard
    But we haven’t been there yet, I fear
    We may have opened pearly gates
    But sometimes hell stills steals in here

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    Convoy (1978)

    • Melissa: But they're all following you.
    • Rubber Duck: No, they ain't. I'm just in front of them
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    Cthulhu mints
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    The Sons of Lee Marvin

    It’s a tongue-in-cheek secret society devoted to the iconic American actor. Fellows include founder Jim Jarmusch, Tom Waits, Thurston Moore, Iggy Pop, Neil Young, John Lurie, Nick Cave.
    Membership requires a plausible likeness to Lee Marvin such that you could be rumored to be his son. (via)

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    2048: Doctor Who Edition
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    "The road would be long. All roads are long that lead toward one’s heart’s desire.
    But this road my mind’s eye could see on a chart, professionally, with all its complications and difficulties, yet simple enough in a way.
    One is a seaman or one is not. And I had no doubt of being one.

    [Joseph Conrad, The Shadow Line]

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    Alma-Tadema and the British Painters of the 19th Century. The Pérez Simòn Collection.

    From 16 February to 5 June 2014 visitors will be able to revisit or discover the world created by the fathers of the Aesthetic Movement, sharing similar characteristics but each with his own personality, cherished themes and highly personal style. From the Pre-Raphaelite fathers Millais and Rossetti to the slightly younger Burne-Jones and the genius of Alma-Tadema with his depictions of the world of imperial Rome and ancient Greece.